Liberal Crime Squad

Liberal Crime Squad Strikes

Liberal Crime Squad is a satirical open-source text-based modern strategic political RPG with bad pickup lines and bad graphics. You play as the founder of a left-wing terrorist cell devoted to saving the United States from its descent into Conservative Insanity though writing to newspapers, volunteering, playing protest music, seduction, flag burning, graffiti, hacking, kidnapping, torture, murder, brainwashing, and other common and uncommon activist activities.

LCS was originally created as a side project by Tarn and Zach Adams (Bay 12 Games), the brothers behind Dwarf Fortress. They last updated the game in 2004; I picked the source code up in 2007, and in collaboration with more than a dozen programmers and writers from the community, we have managed to release intermittent updates since then.

Please note that LCS is unbalanced, unfair, unfriendly, and inappropriate. Its interface is an artifact of cancerous feature creep on top of the historically important but very old 1983 RPG Oubliette. It's also awesome, so you should download it. Any questions or suggestions about the game can be submitted in the Bay 12 Games Curses Forum, and check out the wiki for a likely out-of-date but still pretty useful reference.

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Latest News

April 24, 2013

LCS 4.07.0 Released

New release includes improved knife fighting, sneak attacks, a new shotgun, tougher CCS raids, bug fixes, and more.

April 19, 2013

Site Launched!

The new website is online! Please report any broken links or other issues you encounter with the site, and thank you for visiting. Have fun!